Troubleshooting in Workflow Processing

Check the following when errors occur in event-driven workflows:

Is an event generated which starts the task?


       1.      To activate the event trace, choose Tools ® Business Workflow ® Development ® Utilities ® Events ® Event Trace ® Switch Event Trace On/Of f(SWELS).

       2.      Test the inbound or exception handling as described in the checklist.

       3.      Choose Tools ® Business Workflow ® Development ® Utilities ® Events ® Event Trace ® Display Event Trace (SWEL). Enter your generated object type and the event and limit the generation time correspondingly.

       4.      If no event is found, check:

For direct inbound processing using ALE (exception handling):

·   If the function module returns the correct workflow parameter?

·   If the event is maintained for the corresponding object type in the corresponding ALE table (which can be reached using the inbound process code)?

You can use the ALE consistency check: To do this, choose Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Development ® IDoc ® Inbound Processing  ® Check Consistsency (BDM6) and read the messages for your process code.

For inbound processing using workflow:

·    Does the implementation program for the processed method call the function module SWE_EVENT_CREATE with the correct event?

       5.      Deactivate the event trace after this test.

Does the event have a task as event receiver?


       1.      Use the event trace as above.

       2.      If the message no event receiver appears in the event list, check whether your task has the correct event in the Triggering event tab page.