Error handling

For more information about the required settings see the ALE Area Menu: SAP Menu -> Tools -> IDoc Interface/ALE -> Administration -> Runtime Settings -> Error and Status Processing (WE46).

Error Handling in ALE Outbound Processing

If an error occurs in the ALE layer, the faulty IDoc is saved and a workflow is generated. The ALE administrator can process the error through the workflow.

Error Handling in ALE Inbound Processing

Any errors that occur during ALE processing are handled as follows:

·        The processing of the IDoc causing the error is terminated.

·        An event is triggered. This event starts an error task (work item):

Ў        The employees responsible will find a work task in their workflow inboxes.

Ў        An error message is displayed when the work task is processed.

Ў        The error is corrected in another window and the IDoc can then be resubmitted for processing.

Ў        If the error cannot be corrected, the IDoc can be marked for deletion.

·        Once the IDoc has been successfully posted, an event is triggered that terminates the error task. The work task then disappears from the inbox.

Reposting IDocs with Errors

If the processing of the inbound IDoc resulted in an error (IDoc status 51 - “Application document not posted”, or 63 - “Error passing IDoc to application”), you can use the report RBDMANI2 to resubmit the IDoc.

In this program you can select specific errors.

The program can also be scheduled as a periodic job to collect IDocs that could not be posted because of a lock problem.

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