Scheduling IDoc Creation

You can specify the time an IDoc is created for distributing master data only. When transaction data is distributed, IDocs are created at the same time as the data is saved in the application.

Master data IDocs can be created in two ways:

·        By processing change pointers created when master data is created or changed.
To do this, in ALE Customizing (Transaction SALE) choose:
Configure and Implement Business Processes
  Configure Master Data Distribution
    Set-up Replication of Modified Data
       Create IDocs from Change Pointers

               Schedule Job (SM36)

·        By directly sending or requesting master data in the ALE master data menu area or by calling an appropriate program.

You should create change pointers to log master data changes. This avoids having to keep an external list of master data changes for synchronizing data later by sending it directly.

If the same data is changed several times, only the last change pointer is used to create the master data IDoc. This minimizes the number of IDocs dispatched.

To create change pointers, in ALE Customizing you have to activate change pointers generally as well as for individual message types:

Modeling and Implementing ALE Business Processes
  Master Data Distribution
    Replication of Modified Data
       Activate Change Pointers - Generally
         Activate Change Pointers for Message Types

It is useful to send or request master data directly, if an SAP system is to be initialized or synchronized. In ALE Administration choose the required master data and function under Master Data Distribution.