Evaluating the Audit Database


You can display an overview of all status confirmations over a specified time period by evaluating the audit database.


Displaying Overview of All Statistics

You can evaluate the audit database using the IDoc status monitor: Goto ® ALE Audit ® Statistical evaluation.

The overview screen contains all the selected audit statistics. Each receiver system, message type, and IDoc creation date are recorded.

The columns are:

Last IDoc

Time until when IDocs are included

If the entry is 24:00:00, all IDocs created in one day are included. If an earlier time is displayed, only those IDocs created up until this time are included in the statistics.

Total IDocs

Number of IDocs in this statistic 

Outbound Queue

The number of IDocs still being processed in your own system (not yet dispatched).

Inbound Queue

The number of IDocs received by the target system but still being processed at the time of the last confirmation. If you double-click on a statistic, a status overview is displayed.

Displaying Status Overview of Individual Statistics

If you double-click on a statistic, the status overview is displayed.

The overview contains all the messages sent and details of any IDocs containing errors. The details consist of the current status, the number of IDocs and the error message.

The status records, based on the confirmation messages, may have the following values:

39 IDoc is in receiving system (ALE service) and is still being processed.

40 Application document not created in receiving system.
Processing could not be completed in the receiving system.

41 Application document created in receiving system.
(Processing has been completed.) The message in the status record is the same as the corresponding message in the IDoc status record in the receiving system.

All IDocs for the selected statistic are grouped by status and listed separately for outbound and inbound IDocs.

Displaying List of IDocs with Specific Status Value

If you select a status value, an IDoc list for this status value is displayed. The IDoc list only shows status values which are not yet finalized. It does not show, for example, status 53 - "application document posted". ALE audit only has information about IDocs that are still being processed.

Any linked application objects are also displayed. If the IDocs are already in the receiver system, the IDoc number in the receiver system is also displayed.

Displaying Individual IDocs

To display the associated local IDoc, double click on a line.

In the individual display you can view all the information that exists in your own system for this IDoc.

Status values 39 and 40 indicate error messages in the receiving system.