Creating a Process Code (Inbound Processing Using Workflow)


You must have completed the required steps in Defining and Using a Basic Type .


  1. Choose SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Development ® Inbound Processing ® Process Code (WE42), or navigate to Inbound Processing Process Code, and then New Entries.
  2. Enter a process code, a description and your new standard task in the Identification field . Choose the options processing by task and, for example, Processing without ALE and save your entries.
  3. Choose the Logical Message navigation.
  4. Choose New entries.
  5. Enter the message type and the process code and save your entries.

The F4 possible entries in the partner profiles can now provide your process code from your message type, that is, the business view. You can also restrict this help on the screen to specific message variants or functions.


This assignment has specified a new process code for the function module. You can now enter this process code in the partner profiles.

Make the following entries for the example:

Process code



<your task>

Logical message