Support Packages (AS-ABAP)


We have developed an improved method to import support packages, which can considerably reduce downtime. Due to the size of support packages, a long period of downtime has often been required for the import.

The new method enables you to import the majority of objects during uptime, that is, during production operation of the SAP system. The objects are imported in an "inactive" condition  during uptime and then activated during downtime.

Do not import any additional transport objects while importing a support package, otherwise inconsistencies might occur. Also, do not manually change objects for the same reason.

For more information, see Inactive Import of Report Source Code and Texts.


The following graphic compares the old and new methods:


The following graphic shows the processing flow for the new method:

To import the support package with the new method, the system:


       1.      Imports report source code and report texts in an inactive state.

All versions – old but still active and new but inactive – exist together in the database.

Downtime starts with the next step.

       2.      Deactivates the active source code and texts that are to be replaced or deleted.

Old source code and texts are now marked as obsolete, using the R3STATE field.

       3.      Activates the new source code and texts.

New source code and texts are now marked as active, using the R3STATE field.

Downtime is now over.

       4.      Deletes the source code and texts that are marked obsolete.

The first and last steps are processor-intensive but can be completed while the system is in production operation.