Storage-Based Offline Data Copy


Storage subsystems are used to copy data to a backup system, where database administration (DBA) activities such as backup are performed on an offline copy of the database.

The aims of storage-based offline data copy are to reduce workload and impact on the primary system by using:

·        The mirror copy for DBA tasks such as backups to be performed on the offline copy, so eliminating planned downtime

·        The additional server to perform special tasks on the offline copy (for example, DBA tasks, reporting, data warehouse extracts)

See also Storage-Based Remote Mirroring for a similar solution. You can combine these two scenarios for a more comprehensive high availability solution.


The storage subsystem requires the following features:

·        RAID storage to enhance fault-tolerance on the primary system

·        Fast local copy for snapshots of the secondary system

·        A variety of administrative tasks can be performed on the mirror site, such as:

Ў        Backups

Ў        Reporting and other read-only activities

Ў        Testing

Ў        Upgrade preparations and testing

Ў        Training

Ў        Consolidation

Ў        Data warehouse extracts

Here is a possible setup:

An advantage of this scenario compared to Storage-Based Remote Mirroring is that, if there is a logical error on the primary system, the offline disk copy can be used for a restore without having to use the tape backup.

There are numerous variations on the basic scenario illustrated above.

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