Managing Tablespaces (Informix)


You need to manage the tablespaces of your Informix database to avoid "tablespace overflow". This occurs when a tablespace reaches the maximum number of pages allowed.

The term tablespace refers to the total storage allocated to a table or table fragment (if the tables is fragmented). The maximum size allowed for a tablespace is determined by the largest page number that can be accommodated in a rowid. Since the page number in a rowid cannot exceed 16,277,215, this is the upper limit of the number of pages that a single fragment can contain.



       1.      Monitor pages per tablespace for very large tables.

Refer to Analyzing a Tablespace with SAPDBA.

       2.      Take action to correct the problem if the tablespace is about to overflow, as follows:

Ў        Fragment the table

Ў        Detach the index from the tablespace (that is, recreate it in another dbspace).

For more information, see the Informix documentation.


You avoid tablespace overflow and so avoid downtime for your Informix database and the SAP system.