Software Delivery Manager


The Software Delivery Manager (SDM) delivers applications for SAP NetWeaver AS Java. It is part of the Java central instance (CI). If the Java CI is not available, you cannot deliver applications for SAP NetWeaver AS Java.

You can handle the Java CI as an additional unit of failover. This ensures that this instance is available for use continuously.

However, delivery to a production system needs to be a planned process where you make sure that SDM is available without the help (and the configuration effort) of switchover software. Additionally the deployment process involves planned downtime anyway, since a software update requires a system restart. Therefore, we do not recommend the switchover configuration of the Java CI as a general option and do not describe it in detail.


The SDM stores information about its delivery history in its local file system. If these files are not available this can cause problems with future deliveries.


We strongly recommend you to perform regular backups of the following directory tree:


Perform a backup after each delivery to keep a record of all changes.