Spool Service


Impact of Failure

A printer defined in the SAP NetWeaver ASis connected to an AS instance that formats the printout in its spool work process.

When an AS instance with a spool work process fails, all printers that are linked to it become inaccessible. Active print requests at the time of failure are aborted, so that you need to release them again manually after the switchover.

You can change the name of the application server of an instance running a spool work process (that is, spool server) in the database. You can re-assign the printer to a different server in the event of failure by calling transaction SPAD and choosing Utilities ® For output devices  ® Assign server.

Configuring Printer Services with Virtual Addressing

To increase resilience of the spool and print service, you can use virtual addressing for the application server name of the AS spool instance, which is normally the CI. It is essential to keep the printer device accessible for the spool work process. Therefore, do not attach printers directly to a specific AS host machine. Instead attach them to a print server that remains transparently accessible with a constant network name after switchover on the AS cluster.

Use transaction SPAD to define a printer.

Logical Spool Server Definitions

It is possible to configure logical spool servers within transaction SPAD. For a failover configuration, these logical spool server definitions can be used to switch a spooler service from a failed application server to an application server that is still running. This switchover occurs automatically, minimizing interruption to print processing.

For more information on logical spool server concepts, see the SAP Printing Guide and SAP Note 118057.