Storage-Based Remote Mirroring


Storage subsystems are used to copy data continuously to the remote site. In the event of failure at the primary site, the backup site can be used to continue production operation with minimal downtime. Switchover software can be used to rapidly resume operation at the remote site, so that unplanned downtime is minimized.

The aims of storage-based remote mirroring are to:

  • Provide a consistent and up-to-date copy of data at storage subsystem level on a remote site
  • Facilitate recovery in event of hardware failure on the primary system, so minimizing downtime
  • Automate switchover

See also Storage-Based Offline Data Copy for a similar scenario. You can combine these two scenarios for a more comprehensive high availability solution.


The storage subsystem has the following features:

  • RAID storage to enhance fault-tolerance on the primary system
  • Remote copy for mirroring of the primary system

Here is a possible setup: