SAP Solution Manager


The SAP Solution Manager is the central platform for managing your mySAP Business Suite throughout its entire life cycle: from the start of the project through the functional and technical implementation to regular operations and the optimization of operations.

This centralized platform bundles the tools and methodologies from SAP that you need for solution management during each and every phase of the solution life cycle. It consists of an operations area for ordering and performing SAP Support Services, a solution monitoring area, and a support area for activities such as message handling and SAP Note search and automatic implementation. 

The SAP Solution Manager is ideal for all solutions of mySAP Business Suite and makes even the most complex landscapes easy to manage – and if an issue occurs, the SAP Solution Manager is the quickest link to SAP Active Global Support.


The SAP Solution Manager centralizes all the tasks originating from implementation projects through the GoLive to production operations, such as system administration and message solving in one system. The SAP Solution Manager reduces your total cost of ownership and speeds up your return on investment in the solution landscape of your mySAP Business Suite by:

·        Providing access to prepackaged business expertise in the form of methodology, documentation, and reliable preconfiguration for solutions of mySAP Business Suite, saving time and money and help you get to your solution on a fast and safe track.

·        Improving project communication and therefore efficiency because everyone involved works in the same location.

·        Ensuring that the documentation on your solution landscape is located centrally and is always up-to-date. This saves time, improves efficiency of system administration, and can avoid unnecessary investment.

·        Alerting you proactively with real-time monitoring before problems become severe and can then only be solved at high cost with much manpower.

·        Integrating message-solving functions of your support organization in the Service Desk. This simplifies the work of your staff and, if necessary, provides them with expert help from SAP Active Global Support.

·        Serving as the single entry and delivery point for all SAP Support Services, so that you can improve performance, minimize downtime, increase user satisfaction and postpone hardware investments.

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