DB Reconnect Parameters


The DB reconnect parameters control the DB reconnect feature (without restarting the work process). For more information, see SAP Note 24806.


Standard Reconnect Parameters

·        rsdb/reco_trials

The default setting is 3 (with SAP release 3.0D or later).

The effects of this parameter are as follows:

Ў        rsdb/reco_trials = 0

Reconnect without restart is disabled, a restart of the work process is executed.

Ў        rsdb/reco_trials = n (where n is greater than 0)

Reconnect without restart of the work process is enabled.

The number “n” refers to the number of times the reconnect is attempted before the session screen disappears and the dialog box (requesting the user to create a new session screen) appears.

·        rsdb/reco_sleep_time

This parameter describes the idle interval in seconds between each of the n reconnect attempts specified by rsdb/reco_trials. The default setting is 5 (the parameter can be set to a value of 0 or greater).

·        rsdb/reco_sync_all_server – for SAP Release 3.0C or later.

Set this parameter to synchronize the reconnect across multiple application servers. It is relevant if you are using a parallel database system or switchover software for your database services. If an application server executes a DB reconnect, all other application servers in the system are informed and their work processes then execute DB reconnects. For more information, see Switchover Software for High Availability.

To be sure of this functionality, you must set the parameter as below:

rsdb/reco_sync_all_server = ON

To enable reconnect without restart of the work process, set rsdb/reco_trials to a value greater than 0. The parameter rsdb/reco_sleep_time is optional. That is, to use this type of reconnect during, for example, offline backups, you only have to set rsdb/reco_trials.

Parameters for Reconnect to an Available Instance

For the reconnect to work, you must first set the standard parameters as described above. Then you must set database-specific parameters.

For more information on a database-specific implementation of reconnect to an available instance, see Data Sharing for DB2 UDB for z/OS.