SAP Safeguarding


SAP Safeguarding is a portfolio of services that focus on identifying the factors that pose a risk to your implementation, upgrade or migration project, as well as to daily operations. These risks are analyzed and you receive recommendations on how to manage them. By following the recommendations, you can manage risk and ensure the technical robustness of your SAP solution.

The following SAP Safeguarding offerings are available:


SAP Safeguarding Offering


SAP GoingLive Check

SAP Safeguarding for Implementation

SAP Safeguarding for SCM


SAP Safeguarding for Upgrades

SAP GoingLive Functional Upgrade Check

SAP Upgrade Weekend Support


SAP OS/DB Migration Check

SAP Codepage Conversion Check


SAP EarlyWatch Alert

SAP EarlyWatch Check

SAP Solution Management Assessment

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