Upgrade with MaxDB


Upgrading the MaxDB database is normally performed before an SAP system upgrade and obviously causes extra downtime for the SAP system. The MaxDB upgrade always involves the following activities:

·        Upgrading the MaxDB software

·        Upgrading the MaxDB system tables

·        Keeping a copy of the currently installed database software in case of error

For more information on upgrading the MaxDB database, see SAP Service Marketplace at:

service.sap.com/instguides ® Other Documentation ® Database Upgrades

Process Flow


       1.      You read the upgrade documentation.

You familiarize yourself with the upgrade documentation so that you know what to expect during the upgrade.

       2.      You plan the upgrade.

It is risky to start the upgrade without knowing the procedure, simply hoping that everything runs well. A lack of planning often leads to unexpected problems that can considerably increase the downtime of the SAP system.

       3.      You rehearse the upgrade using a test system.

The best preparation of all is to rehearse the upgrade fully using a test system that is as similar to the production system as possible.


You can now upgrade the database with the minimum possible downtime.