Recovery with Informix


To minimize downtime with your Informix database, you must make sure that you can quickly recover the database in the event of a failure with loss of production data. With Informix, recovering the database includes routinely backing up the database and restoring the database after a failure. This section concentrates on database restore. For more information, see Informix Restore.

Informix provides the following tools for database recovery (including restore):

  • ON-Bar (the most recent tool) together with a storage manager such as the Informix Storage Manager (ISM)
  • ON-Archive
  • ontape

When ON-Bar was released, Informix changed the terminology to bring it into line with other databases. The term "archive" from ON-Archive and ontape is no longer used with ON-Bar . Instead, "database backup" is used.

In this section, we use "database backup" to include the term "archive".

Process Flow

  1. You make sure that you have suitable and recent database and logical-log backups. This is absolutely essential if you want an up-to-date restore of the database. Refer to Backup with Informix.
  2. You work out a recovery strategy, including an approach to database restore.
  3. You test database restore using a test system as similar as possible to your production system.


You can restore your database as quickly and efficiently as possible, so avoiding downtime caused by a failure with loss of database data.

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