Upgrade with Oracle


Upgrades of the database management system are usually done in line with an SAP upgrade. An Oracle upgrade might involve one or more of the following activities:

·        Upgrade of the Oracle software

·        Changes to the Oracle Data Dictionary

For example, executing scripts to create updated versions of Data Dictionary views

·        Changes to Oracle internal structures

For example, changes in the structure of database blocks. Changes to internal structures usually imply an upgrade of the Oracle software and changes to the Oracle data dictionary as a prerequisite. To make the changes to internal structures, you can usually perform either of the following:

Ў        A migration, where the changes are made when objects are accessed the first time after the upgrade

Ў        A full database export, recreate the database, and import

Most upgrades include an upgrade of the Oracle software and changes to the SAP system Data Dictionary only. The elapsed time to expect for a database upgrade as part of an SAP upgrade is around one hour. If upgrading to a new SAP release or doing a large upgrade, this is a minor part of the overall upgrade. The database can not be used for normal operation during an upgrade.

Process Flow


       1.      You read the upgrade documentation.

This helps to avoid unexpected problems during the upgrade.

       2.      You plan the upgrade carefully.

Rather than simply starting the upgrade and hoping for the best, plan the procedures involved in advance. Make sure that all the resources (that is, people and equipment) are available.

       3.      You rehearse the upgrade using a test system.

The best preparation of all is to rehearse the upgrade fully using a test system that is as similar to the production system as possible.


You can now upgrade the database with the minimum possible downtime.

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