Database High Availability


This section describes in detail how you can minimize downtime caused by the SAP system database with:

·        Oracle

·        Informix

·        MaxDB

·        IBM DB2 Universal Database for UNIX and Windows (abbreviated to "DB2 UDB for UNIX and Windows")

·        IBM DB2 Universal Database for z/OS (abbreviated to "DB2 UDB for z/OS")

·        IBM DB2 Universal Database for iSeries (abbreviated to "DB2 UB for iSeries")

·        MS SQL Server

There are several database-related tasks and situations that can cause downtime of the database or prevent single transactions from proceeding.

Implementation Considerations

The information in this section is useful whether you are installing the database for the first time, or considering ways to improve the availability of an existing installation. For detailed technical guidance when implementing a specific product or feature, contact the appropriate source, such as your SAP consultant, your database supplier, the SAP Competence Center, and so on.


High availability for the database should be part of a system-wide strategy for improving the availability of your SAP system. Therefore, you should also consider other components of the system, such as the SAP system itself, the network, the hardware and operating system services, and so on.


The information is grouped into the following areas for each database:

·        Space Management (including configuration and reorganization)

·        Backup or archive

·        Recovery

·        Upgrade

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