Creating a Responsibility


All container elements whose values you want to check in a responsibility at runtime must be defined in the Rule Container.

You are on the Rule: Change or Rule: Create screen, on the Responsibilities tab page.


  1. Choose .

    The Create Responsibility dialog box appears.

  2. Enter an abbreviation, a name, and the validity period of the responsibility and confirm your entries.

    The Change Responsibility for Rule <.....> screen appears. In this responsibility editor, all container elements in the rule container are listed.

  3. Enter a single value or a value range for the container elements whose content you want the system to check during rule resolution. If you want to check several single values or value ranges for one container element, you can create new entry rows. Position the cursor in a row with the container element for which you need a new row, and choose .

    If you do not want to check a container element for a particular responsibility, leave this line blank. The status of the responsibility is set to Responsibility incomplete, in order to draw your attention to unchecked container elements.

  4. If you wish, give the responsibility a priority.

    The responsibilities with the highest priority are evaluated first. Responsibilities with lower priorities are only evaluated if this is defined in the rule definition.

  5. Choose Save.