Creating Rule Containers


The rule container must contain all the container elements for which you want to define responsibilities. At runtime the system fills the rule container from the workflow or task container using binding.


You are on the Rule: Change or Rule: Create screen, on the Container tab page.

You know the Data type references of the workflow or task container elements that you want to transfer to the rule container.


  1. Choose .

    The Change Container Element dialog box appears.

  2. Make entries in the Element, Name, and Short Description fields.
  3. Create either an object reference or an ABAP dictionary reference for the container element. As a guide, use the data type reference of the container element of the workflow or task container from which the container will be filled at runtime.
  4. On the Properties tab page, set, if required, the Obligatory and/or Multiline indicators.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until you have defined all the necessary elements for the rule container.