Batch Inputs from Org. Management to Personnel Admin.


Batch input sessions that are processed in the Organizational Management system do not change Personnel Administration master data. To change the data, you must start report RHINTE30 for the persons concerned, and process the resulting batch input session. You find this report in the Implementation Guide (IMG) under Organizational Management ® Integration ® Integration with Personnel Administration -> Transfer Data from Personnel Administration.

When you make changes online within Organizational Management, you can also choose to have the system compile a list of the personnel numbers affected by the changes, rather than allowing corresponding changes to be made immediately within Personnel Administration. The system checks whether the Organizational Management actions lead to inconsistencies. You can then use report RHINTE30 to create a batch input session to make the required Personnel Administration changes for these persons. (The personnel numbers are collected internally in table HRINTE30, which is then accessed by report RHINTE30).

You can also perform several Organizational Management actions and then run report RHINTE30 to create a common BTCI session for all of the persons concerned. This ‘Organizational Management online Personnel Administration batch variant’ is controlled by the PLOGI PRELU entry in the IMG under Organizational Management ® Integration -> Integration with Personnel Administration -> Set Up Integration with Personnel Administration.

There are three ways you can update Personnel Administration master data when Organizational Management actions are carried out. You can change master data as follows:

  • Directly
  • By batch input
  • Either directly or by batch input, depending on the number of persons affected

For more information, see the documentation for the entry PLOGI PRELU (see above).