Changes in Organizational Management


Each time you make a change in Organizational Management, the system checks whether or not this has had an effect on the organizational assignment of one or more persons. This takes place when you create or delete:

  • Relationships (infotype 1001) between
    • and K or S
    • S and C, P, or K
    • A and P
    • C and P
  • The Department entry in infotype 1003, which defines an organizational unit as a department.

If the department switch is active (entry PPABT_PPABT in Customizing under Organizational Management -> Integration -> Integration with Personnel Administration -> Set Up Integration with Personnel Administration), the system only transfers an organizational unit to the infotype 0001 record if you have defined that organizational unit as a department.

The system checks these persons to determine whether the change involves a cost center and a person that would belong to different controlling areas or company codes. If so, an error message appears.

When creating or changing infotype 1013 – which you can use to specify an employee group and subgroup for a position – you should only make entries that are compatible with the employee group and subgroup of the persons assigned to the position. If you enter incompatible data, the system issues a warning message.

Changes you make to infotype 1008, which can be maintained for positions and organizational units and which contains data on company code, business area, personnel area, and personnel subarea, have no effect on Personnel Administration records.

Once the system has successfully checked the data, it saves the data in Organizational Management. The infotype 0001 records of the persons concerned are then read by the Personnel Administration database, changed in accordance with the Organizational Management transaction, and are written back to the Personnel Administration database.

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