Assigning Persons Temporarily

You can temporarily assign persons to an organizational unit, if, for example, the position or person are not yet fixed. You create a temporary assignment, by entering the obect type and the number of the organizational unit in the dialog box, where you would usually enter the position.

This organizational unit will only be saved in infotype 0001 - a relationship will not be created in Organizational Management.

Because a default position is stored in infotype 0001, this assignment is incomplete. For this reason, you should replace the assignment as soon as possible, by assigning the person to a position. To assign a person to a position correctly, you can either transfer the person or create a relationship between the person and a position in Organizational Management. The ‘temporary’ organizational unit is then replaced by the correct organizational unit that has been assigned to a position.

You can display and evaluate temporary assignments using report RHSBES00.

Using the function module RH_PERSON_WITH_ORGUNIT_ONLY, you can program further evaluations, that will search specific organizational units for persons with incomplete position assignments. Such persons are identified by the defalt positions available in infotype 0001.

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Relationships (infotype 1001)