Making Initial Settings

When you activate integration for the first time, you must ensure that the Personnel Administration and the Organizational Management databases are consistent. To do this, you use the reports:

·        RHINTE00 (Adopt organizational assignment  (PA to PD))

·        RHINTE10 (Prepare Integration (PD to PA))

·        RHINTE20 (Check Program Integration PA - PD)

·        RHINTE30 (Create Batch Input Folder for Infotype 0001)

The following table entries are also required:

·        PLOGI PRELI in Customizing for Organizational Management (under Set Up Integration with Personnel Administration). This entry defines the standard position number.

·        INTE in table T77FC

·        INTE_PS, INTE_OSP, INTEBACK, INTECHEK and INTEGRAT in Customizing under Global Settings ® ?Maintain Evaluation Paths.

These table entries are included in the SAP standard system. You must not change them.

Since integration enables you to create relationships between persons and positions (A/B 008), you may be required to include appropriate entries to control the validation of these relationships. You make the necessary settings for this check in Customizing under Global Settings ® Maintain Relationships.