Activating Integration

You activate integration by defining an active plan version in the Personnel Planning and Development Implementation Guide (IMG) (under Global Settings). If you do not define a plan version, integration remains inactive. Once integration is active, you must specify the persons for whom data is exchanged. The selection criteria are:

  • Company code
  • Personnel sub-area
  • Employee group
  • Employee subgroup

The PLOGI feature enables you to determine the combination of selection criteria to be used for integration. You find detailed instructions on maintaining this feature in Personnel Administration.

You can set up integration for all employees in any combination of selection criteria. The PLOGI PLOGI entry in table T77S0 acts as a central switch for integration. If the entry contains a plan version, integration is activated for all employees who meet the criteria set in feature PLOGI. If you make no entry in the table, integration is switched off.

To integrate Seminar and Convention Management and Time Management without organizational assignment, the PLOGI PLOGI switch must still contain a plan version. You switch off integration with organizational assignment using the PLOGI ORGA feature in the Organizational Management IMG.