Creating and Editing SAP Organizational Object Assignments


So that you can define rules using organizational data, you must create and edit assignments between SAP Organizational Objects and Organizational Management organizational objects.

You want to restrict the task of buying certain materials to certain individuals within a specific organizational unit. This is achieved by creating an assignment between a purchasing group (purchasing groups are SAP Organizational Object Types ) and an organizational unit.

You can create assignments between any object classified as an SAP Organizational Object, and the Organizational Management objects (organizational units, positions, jobs, and work centers). You apply a validity period to these assignments, so that changes in responsibility can be shown.


The SAP organizational object types must be defined in the Business Object Repository. For more information, see Editing the Basic Data of an Object Type.

In Organizational Management Customizing you must specify which Organizational Management objects can be assigned to an organizational object type. For more information, see Organizational Management Administration.

If you want to assign an organizational object type to an Organizational Management object that is not an organizational unit (for example, job or position), you must know an organizational unit in which it is used. Organizational Management objects to be assigned are always selected via an organizational unit.


Assignments between SAP organizational objects and objects from Organizational Management can also be created in Infotype 1208, or using the function module RH_SAP_ORG_OBJEC_RELATE .

Creating Assignments

  1. From the SAP menu, choose Tools ® Business Workflow ® Development ® Definition tools ® Organizational Management ® SAP Org. Objects ® Create Assignments.

    The Initial Screen: Assignment to SAP Organizational Objects screen appears.

  2. Select the Organizational unit for which you want to create an assignment, or that contains the Organizational Management object for which you want to create an assignment. If necessary, choose a Selection period.
  3. Choose one or more SAP Organizational Object Types for which you want to create an assignment. You have the following options:
    • Organizational object type

You can only create assignments to objects with this one SAP Organizational Object Type. This reduces the number of steps you perform later, if creating assignments.

    • All organizational object types

You can create assignments to objects with any SAP Organizational Object Type.

  1. Choose .

    The Assignment to SAP Organizational Objects: Change screen appears. The system displays the organizational unit and all the Organizational Management objects that are related to it.

  2. Select the Organizational Management object you want to assign to an SAP organizational object.
  3. Choose .
  4. If you choose All organizational object types in step 3, the Choose organizational object type dialog box appears. Enter the organizational object type to which you want to create an assignment.
  5. In the next dialog box, choose a specific object to which you want to create the assignment.

    The system creates an assignment between the two objects with unlimited validity.

  6. If you want to put a time limit on the validity of the assignment, select the SAP organizational object and choose . In the dialog box that appears, choose a delimitation date on which you want the assignment to become invalid, and then choose Delimit.

Delete Assignment

Only delete object assignments that were created incorrectly or by accident. To depict changed responsibilities, you must delimit the assignment, and create a new assignment.

  1. Select the SAP organizational object whose assignment you want to delete.
  2. Choose and confirm the confirmation prompt.