Address (Infotype 1028)


Infotype in which you can store addresses of companies or external participants, as well as information on the location of organizational objects and resources.


In Organizational Management, maintain this infotype for

·        Organizational units

·        Work centers

·        Positions

The information is for reference purposes only. The infotype is optional.

In Training and Event Management, maintain the infotype for

·        Business event locations

·        Room resources

·        External participants and trainers

·        Companies

The Address infotype maintained at the business event location is used in correspondence for confirmations of registration, confirmations of attendance, and so on. Using a variable in the correspondence you can influence whether the system outputs the first or second address.

You must also create this infotype for enterprises or for external participants and instructors (object type External Person).


As location information for rooms you enter the following data in the Address infotype:

·        Building name

·        Room number

Building addresses are created separately. To maintain building addresses for room location information, you must first have performed the Set Up Building Address step in Compensation Management Customizing or in the Current Settings.

In addition, you enter the following information as part of the address:

·        Telephone

·        Fax

·        Address affix

·        House number, street

·        Town, postal code

·        Country key

·        Region

·        Distance in kilometers

A division into subtypes enables you to store different addresses. In the SAP standard, the following subtypes are set up:

·        Subtype blank: First address

·        Subtype 0001: Second address


If you implement the Training and Event Management component, you can find more information in SAP Library under
External Person (Human Resources
> Training and Event Management (PE)> Day-to-Day Activities> Attendee Types> External Person)
Creating a Company (Human Resources> Training and Event Management (PE)> Business Event Preparation> Current Settings> Creating an Attendee> Creating a Company

Creating a Location (Human Resources > Training and Event Management (PE)> Business Event Preparation> Current Settings> Creating a Location

Creating a Room (Human Resources > Training and Event Management (PE)> Business Event Preparation> Resource Type> Creating a Room