Cost Planning (Infotype 1015)


Infotype with which information on all cost elements that form part of personnel costs in general can be stored.


The Personnel Cost Planning component allows you to develop various scenarios for personnel cost targets and projections. The scenarios you develop can later be transferred to Controlling (CO) for budget planning purposes.

The Cost Planning infotype is only relevant if you use the Personnel Cost Planning component of Human Resources.

There are three methods you can use to develop different costing scenarios:

·        Projected pay

·        Payroll results

·        Basic pay

The Cost Planning infotype is used to create cost planning using projected pay.

You can create this infotype for single jobs or positions. It is, however, also possible to enter the information for work centers or organizational units.

You might append cost data to organizational units and work centers when there is a fixed or lump sum of money that cannot be applied to individual jobs or positions.

The different types of costs are called wage elements. You can enter a maximum of seven wage elements for each cost planning infotype record you create. The wage elements themselves are defined in Customizing. Refer to the Personnel Management section of the Implementation Guide (IMG).


For each wage element entry you must identify the:

·        Name of the particular wage element

·        Amount of the element (either carried over from the Wage Table, or you can enter a different amount)

·        Currency

·        Time frame (a monthly contribution, a yearly adjustment, and so on)


Wage elements are referred to as cost elements, once they are brought into Personnel Cost Planning.

If your company implements the Personnel Management component, you can find more information in SAP Library under Human Resources> Personnel Management> Compensation Management> Personnel Cost Planning.