About the Obsolete Infotype (1014)


Infotype with which positions that are no longer required as a result of reorganization, but are still occupied can be flagged as obsolete. This enables you to recognize instantly if any action is required (searching for new activities for the holders of such positions, for example).


This infotype is typically used for positions, although you can use the infotype with work centers as well.


You must create this infotype if you wish to install the HR Recruitment component. This component checks the system for positions that have been flagged as obsolete so that new positions can be found for the holders of the obsolete positions.

If the holder of an obsolete position is assigned to a new position or leaves the company, the system will ask you to delimit the validity period of the obsolete position.

You can maintain this infotype using Infotype Maintenance, by creating infotype records one object at a time. Or, you can work in Simple Maintenance, where procedures are streamlined.