About the Authorities and Resources Infotype (1010)


Infotype with which you can define authorities and resources for positions or work centers.


The Authorities and Resources infotype is created mostly for positions. You can, however, use it for work centers. This infotype serves two separate purposes. It allows you to identify:

  • The authority assigned to a position or work center

A position can have authority to sign contracts of up to 50,000 dollars- You can also use authorities to set authorizations for access to different areas of your company.

  • The resources, or the equipment, made available to positions or work centers

, including the following:

    • laptops
    • special equipment
    • cars

Save the corresponding data in the subtypes Authorities and Resources.

If you create Authorities and Resources infotype records, you must assign information to one of the above subtypes.

You do not have to create this infotype.

You can use report RHXHFMT0 (Authorities and resources) to report on the data contained in the infotype.