About the Restrictions Infotype (1006)


Infotype with which you can identify any restrictions applicable to employees who are assigned to a work center.


You only create a Restrictions infotype for work centers.

  • Has no wheelchair access, it may be unsuitable for disabled employees
  • Requires heavy lifting, it may be unsuitable for women
  • Exposes workers to alcohol, it may be unsuitable for employees under 18 years of age

Restrictions are categorized. The different categories of restrictions, and the reasons why the restrictions exist, are user-defined and so may vary from company to company. You can set up restriction categories and reasons in tables T778C and T778X, respectively.

You do not have to create this infotype. However, it can be helpful if such restrictions exist in a work environment, and you want to record them.

There are reports which you can use to report on restrictions for selected work centers, for example, RHXIAW01, (Single work centers with restrictions) and RHXIAW00 (Work centers with restrictions in an organization).

For the RHXIAW00 report to work, you must create and update relationships between work centers and organizational units, using the Relationship infotype (1001).