About the Character Infotype (1004)


Infotype with which you can categorize the different tasks you maintain in your task catalog. For example, you can differentiate between tasks that contribute directly to the products and services your company produces, and tasks that are administrative in nature.


The Character infotype is only used when you work with tasks, within the context of Human Resources (HR). (Tasks are also used in SAP Business Workflow.) It is not mandatory that you create and edit this infotype. The information contained in the infotype can, however, be useful if you want to determine salaries for jobs and positions, for example. An awareness of the nature of tasks which have to be carried out helps you determine suitable compensation. Do decisions have to be made, for example? Will a task directly help the company to reach its targets?

Tasks can be divided into the following categories:

  • Rank
  • Phase
  • Purpose

You decide how many of these categories are appropriate for your company. You interpret the meaning of the different categories as you see fit. The system interpretation of the different categories (outlined below) is a suggestion only.

If you create this infotype, you can start reports, which will list the characteristics of tasks. The report RHXIAW04 (Character of a task in an organization) lists all the characteristics of tasks in one or more organizational unit. The report RHXIAW05 (Character of individual tasks) lists the characteristics of single tasks.



Use this category to classify tasks as a planning, or completion, or control task.


Use this category to classify how tasks fit into a business process.


This category allows you to identify tasks that directly contribute to the products or services that a company provides.