About the Description Infotype (1002)


Infotype containing descriptions of organizational objects.


The information you store in this infotype is for reference only and can not be reported on. For this reason, the creation of the infotype is optional, it can, however, be very helpful.

In this infotype, you can describe the main area of responsibility of an organizational unit in your enterprise as follows: Production department is responsible for materials, stockkeeping, packing and distribution. You can also provide a work center with certain rules and instructions.

You must categorize the infotype records that you create in this infotype. You can do this by assigning subtypes. Description subtypes are user-defined and so can vary from company to company. You can, for example, categorize descriptions as general, environmental, or technical. For more information, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Organizational Management.

You can maintain numerous Description infotype records for one object, perhaps a general description record, a technical record, and so on. You can also create records in different languages.

The Description infotype should not be used as a means of entering job or position descriptions. Job and position descriptions consist of a list of tasks the holder of a job or position must perform. Create these types of description by creating jobs, positions and tasks and relationships between them.