Defining Rules Using Evaluation Paths


The organizational situation of employees within an enterprise is depicted in the organizational plan. Using this existing information, you can perform rule resolution starting from one particular employee to determine one other employee, or several other employees, along specific relationships in the organizational plan.


The organizational plan and the Evaluation Path that you want to use exist. For more information, see Maintaining Evaluation Paths.

You are on the Rule: Change or Rule: Create screen.


  1. Enter a short description and a name for the rule.
  2. As the rule category, choose Agent Determination: Function to be Executed.
  3. Enter RH_GET_STRUCTURE as the function module .

    The Evaluation Path field is activated.

  4. Enter the required evaluation path.
  5. Switch to the Container tab page to create the Rule Container.
  1. Choose Save.


You have created a rule that determines an Organizational Management object by starting from another Organizational Management object and following an evaluation path. For an example of this kind of rule, see the Rule to Determine the Organizational Unit of a User.

If you want to use the agent determination rule to determine responsible agents in a workflow step, you must define Binding from the Workflow Container to the Rule Container. If you use the rule within a task, you must define Binding from the Task Container to the Rule Container.