Rule to Determine Manager

This standard SAP agent determination rule determines the manager of an object in Organizational Management. The rule uses the function module SWX_GET_MANAGER , which requires an Organizational Management object as an import parameter.


Often, you use this rule to find the manager of the initiator of a workflow, or the manager of the actual agent of a step. The _WF_Initiator element of the workflow container and _ WI_Actual_Agent element of the task container are used to store the user names in a fourteen-character text field in accordance with the RHOBJECTS-OBJECT reference. Binding, therefore, must be defined for the Org_Object element of the rule container.

As an example, rule 00000168 is also used in the example demo for processing a notification of absence. For more information, see Demo Example: Processing a Notification of Absence.







Manager of...

The SWX_GET_MANAGER function module is used to define this rule.


The organizational plan of the enterprise is used for rule resolution.

The link between an employee and his or her manager can be depicted in the organizational plan by two different relationships:

  • Indication of the chief position for an organizational unit (position "manages" organizational unit, relationship A/B012 ).
  • Direct reporting structure between positions (position "reports to" position, relationship A/B002 ).