Rule to Determine Design Office

The step Material Master: Maintain Design Data in a workflow should always be processed by the MRP controller responsible for the material. The material to be processed is described by the business object type BUS1001, which is referred to in the workflow container by the container element Material. The business object type BUS1001 has an attribute, Laboratory, which refers to the SAP organizational object type T024L.

At definition time:

As the rule for the responsible agent in the step Material Master: Maintain Design Data, enter the rule AC30100012 / Laboratory and define the binding from the workflow container to the rule container. The SAP organizational object to be transferred is available as an attribute of the business object BUS1001. For binding, enter &Material.Laboratory& ® ORG_OBJECT_ID.

You must ensure that Organizational Management objects are maintained for the laboratories that you refer to at runtime, via a material.

This rule is not available in a purely SAP NetWeaver system.

At runtime:

The material H4 Lamp, for example, is processed by the task. When the material is known, the system can find the user with the function of MRP controller for the material. That user is the responsible agent for the work item.