Rule to Determine the Organizational Unit of a User

The recipients of a work item should be all users that belong to the organizational unit of a particular user.

At definition time:

As the agent determination rule for the agent responsible for the step, enter the rule Organizational Unit of a User ( FindOwnOrgUn / AC30000011 ). This rule uses the RH_GET_STRUCTURE function module in conjunction with the WF_ORGUN evaluation path ( organizational unit of a user/person).

In the binding from the workflow container to the rule container you transfer, for example, an expression that identifies the user as an Organizational Management object.

You must ensure that the user is assigned to a position that itself belongs to an organizational unit.

At runtime:

At runtime the system uses the evaluation path to determine the user’s organizational unit, and transfer it as the responsible agent. The recipients are the intersection between possible and responsible agents.

By performing a suitable selection of possible agents for the task, you can, for example, determine recipients who perform a particular activity within the organizational unit. If, for example, the job Secretary is stored as a possible agent, and you use the rule to determine an organizational unit, all users who perform secretarial activities in that organizational unit become recipients of the work item.