Cost Distribution (Infotype 1018)


Infotype which determines how costs are to be distributed between several cost centers.


Costs incurred by an organizational object are usually written to the cost center  directly assigned to the object (master cost center) or the cost center inherited by the object from a superior object. Determine the master cost center in infotype 1001.

Create a record for infotype 1018 if you wish to distribute costs to more than one cost center. Enter which portion of the costs you would like to distribute to which cost center. If the object is already assigned a master cost center, the left-over share will be written to this cost center.

If the object was assigned a master cost center before it was created, you must reconcile cost distribution with this.

Subordinate organizational objects within an organizational unit (positions, work centers) inherit cost distribution, if they have not been assigned their own master cost center or cost distribution.


A complete record for infotype 1018 includes the following entries:

·        an exact classification of every cost center, which is not a master cost center and to which costs are to be distributed (controlling area, object ID and name of the cost center).

·        an exact specification of what percentage of costs are to be written to each cost center

If the organizational object has a master cost center, this will be displayed (the entry will be transferred from infotype 1001).


You can create this infotype for the following organizational object types:

·        Organizational Unit

·        Position

·        Work Center

Cost distribution to additional cost centers is simulated as external relationship A014 in reports.

Cost distribution is used in the following components:

·        Personnel Cost Planning

·        Payroll and Accounting

Employee costs are written from Payroll to Accounting.

You can also define cost distribution for employees in infotype 0027 (Human Resources> Personnel Management> Personnel Administration> Maintaing HR Master Data> HR Master Data Structure> Infotypes of Personnel Administration and International Payroll> Organizational Data (International)> Cost Distribution (Infotype 0027). If integration between Organizational Management and Personnel Administration (PLOGI ORGA) and the integration of Cost Distribution (PLOGI COSTD) have been set up in Customizing, . if there is a valid record for infotype 0027, employee costs will always be handled according to this cost distribution. Otherwise, employee costs will be distributed according to the record for infotype 1018 which has been defined for the employee’s position or work center.

Retroactive changes to cost distribution can be relevant to retroactive accounting.