A person (object type key P) or user (object type key US) who is listed as an employee in Personnel Administration, who is assigned to a position or a work center in an organizational plan.


By assigning a holder to a position , you determine,

·        where a person (employee) is functionally assigned in your enterprise

·        which tasks are assigned to an employee

·        who (employees or users) tasks are to be forwarded tasks in a workflow

By assigning a holder to a work center , you specify where in your enterprise an employee or user works.

By assigning a person (employee) to a position, you implement integration between Organizational Management and Personnel Administration, as long as it is set up in Customizing.


The following relationships are relevant to a holder:

·        A person or user becomes a holder, if he or she is related to a position via relationship A/B 008 (holder).

·        You can assign a position holder to a job  directly via relationship A/B 017 (is carried out by/ carries out), if another job is to applyto them other than the one which his or her position is assigned to.