Integration with SAP Business Workflow


The main purpose of SAP Business Workflow  is to get the right task to the right agent (organizational unit, position, job or user) at the right time. This speeds up the completion of business processes. Organizational Management provides the framework for a routing structure that SAP Business Workflow uses for task assignment at runtime. By scrolling through the complex network of relationships in an organizational plan , SAP Business Workflow is able to pinpoint exactly where tasks should be routed. This organizational plan provides you with

·        a flexible model of your company on the system, which you can manipulate to reflect actual and proposed human resources scenarios

·        a structure along which you can route your business processes

There are two possible cases:

·        The Organizational Management component is used for human resources purposes in your enterprise. In this case, you use the organizational plan for human resources purposes as well as for workflow. As long as integration between Personnel Administration and Organizational Management is active, you can assign tasks to both users and employees. You can assign users to employees in the Communication (0105) infotype. For more information, see the SAP Library under Human Resource Management ® Personnel Management ® Personnel Administration ® HR Master Data Management ® Structure of HR Master Data ® Infotypes of Personnel Administration and International Payroll ® Communication (International) ® Communication (Infotype 0105).

·        The Organizational Management component is not used in your enterprise. In this case, you create only a small part of your organizational plan in order that all workflows may run. As there is no integration with Human Resources, you can only assign tasks to users.

To reduce the number of agents found, or to restrict the number of responsible agents, you can use Rule Resolution.


In order for Workflow to distribute tasks across your organization, you must first create the necessary organizational plan structures in the system.

Process Flow


       1.      Familiarize yourself with the task distribution relevant to workflow in your enterprise.

       2.      Create an organizational plan, or part of an organizational plan in Simple Maintenance in Expert mode or in the Organization and Staffing (Workflow) view.

For more information on creating an organizational plan, see About Simple Maintenance (expert mode) or Organization and Staffing (Workflow).

       3.      So that you can use SAP Business Workflow, assign tasks to the organizational objects (organizational units, positions, persons and/or users). There are various Task types which allow you to do this.

For more information on creating and editing tasks, see Tasks and Task Groups.

       4.      If necessary, define rules.

For more information, see Rule Resolution.

       5.      You can use the organizational plan you create in SAP Business Workflow.

For more information on working with SAP Business Workflow, see SAP Business Workflow.