Calendar Profiles


Calendar integration synchronizes an SAP calendar with an Outlook calendar. In the calendar profile, you define which calendars are to be synchronized and how synchronization is to take place.

If you want to synchronize several calendars, you have to create a calendar profile for each combination of

·        SAP calendar (SAP system, client and user) and

·        Outlook calendar folder.

In the example, Mr Brown has assigned a personal folders area with the name 'calendar area' to the mail profile for his mails and work items in the SAP system C11. The calendars that Mr Brown maintains in Outlook are to be synchronized with the calendars in client 001 of the SAP system C11. As well as maintaining his own calendar, Mr Brown also maintains the calendar of his boss, Anna Smith. Therefore, he created two profiles.

If Mr Brown wants to synchronize 'My calendar' with another client or another SAP system, he has to create a profile for this combination too.

However, only one profile is used in a synchronization process. Only the calendars specified in the current profile are synchronized. To synchronize a different calendar combination, you have to change the profile.