Setting Calendar Integration


You can create several calendars in Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, you have to inform the system which calendar is to be synchronized with the SAP system. Note that you can only use calendars in the personal folders area. You cannot use calendars under the folder in which the inbox for mails and work items from the SAP system is located.

If you also maintain calendars for other SAP users, you can arrange these calendars in the same personal folders area or use a separate personal folders area for each one. The graphic shows a mail area and a calendar area in which the calendars of several users have been created.

Process Flow

If you do not use a calendar in Microsoft Outlook yet:


       1.      Create or select personal folders area

See Creating Calendar Areas.

       2.      Create or select the calendar folder

Use an existing calendar folder in the calendar area that you selected earlier or create a new folder for appointments in the calendar area. It is recommended that you copy the calendar used to the Outlook short cut bar.

       3.      Create and configure the calendar profile.

See Calendar Profiles.


If you work in Microsoft Outlook, the calendars of the current profile are synchronized at the specified time. For further information, see Working with Calendar Integration.