The Appointment Calendar

Help on Procedures

Your appointment calendar is displayed with the following screen areas:

  • Navigation area (overview of several months)
  • Appointment overview (daily, weekly or monthly view)

In the time period displayed in the daily or weekly view, appointments and scheduling conflicts are flagged with text, color or icons. The following functions are available:

Navigating in the appointment calendar

Displaying and maintaining appointments

Calling the appointment calendars of other employees

Creating or deleting substitutes

Changing the calendar settings.

Information on the Appointment Calendar

The Easy Web calendar enables you to maintain your appointment calendar in the SAP System. You can create, display, change and delete your own appointments or the appointments of your employees. The appointments that were maintained in the SAP GUI are also displayed in the Web.

If you maintain appointments for several employees, you can create group appointments. The participants are then notified when the appointment is created and if it is changed. The appointment is entered directly in the calendars of the users for whom you have substitute authorization.

If you maintain appointments that take place on a regular basis, you can create periodic appointments. For example, you can create an appointment for a weekly group meeting for the first six months of next year for all the participants.

You cannot create periodic appointments that take place irregularly (for example, on the 14th, 15 th and 20 th of October or on the first Monday of every month) in the Web calendar. However, you can display and change such appointments just like other periodic appointments. Other is entered as the period for such appointments.