Participant Availability

In the detail screen of an appointment, choose the Participant Availability tab page.

The appointment data for all participants whom you have entered on the Participant List tab page is displayed. In the case of distribution lists and organizational units, appointment data is grouped together, that is, a time period is displayed as reserved if at least one participant has an appointment during that time period.

You can:

Vary the time period (using the Increase or Decrease Appointment Duration symbols or by making entries in the time fields)

Navigate in the time period displayed (using the Increase or Decrease Display Time Period symbols; you can, however, not navigate to more than three months in the future)

Receive a suggestion for a new time (by choosing the Find Next Free Time symbol)

Move an appointment to a new time (by double-clicking on a time period)

After you have chosen an appointment, proceed as described in Creating and Maintaining Appointments.