Calling the Appointment Calendar of Another Employee

  1. In the field Maintain appointment calendar or Display appointment calendar, enter the name of the employee whose calendar you want to call. You can also specify part of the name and replace the rest with the joker *, for example, B*cker.
  2. Click on the icon Start user search.
  3. If more than one employee is found, select the employee you require by clicking once on his or her name.

The calendar of the employee is displayed. You can navigate in the same way as you can in your own calendar and you can display the detail view of an appointment as well as scheduling conflicts. If you have substitute authorization for the employee's calendar, you can also maintain appointments.

In the case of secret appointments, only the time data is displayed to you and not the title or the description of the appointment. This is also the case for private appointments, unless you have substitute authorization for the private appointments of the employee.

To return to your own calendar, click on the icon Own calendar next to the confirmation tick.