Maintaining Calendar Profiles


You have to create a calendar profile for every calendar combination that is to be synchronized. Only the current profile is synchronized. Therefore, you have to change the current profile if another calendar combination is to be synchronized.

The profile does not automatically change if you edit a calendar file that belongs to a different profile to the current one.


  1. Choose Extras ® Options.
  2. On the SAP Calendar tab page, choose Settings.
  3. Choose Profiles.
  4. A list of existing profiles is displayed.

You can perform the following functions in this list:

Change the current profile

    1. Select the profile that is to be set as the current profile.
    2. Choose OK.

Create a profile

    1. Enter the name of the new profile in the Profile name field.
    2. Choose OK.
    3. The new profile is automatically set as the current profile.

Delete a profile

    1. Select the profile.
    2. Choose Delete.
    3. The profile is deleted immediately.

The standard profile and the profile currently set cannot be deleted.

Change profile

Set the profile as the current profile and change the settings.