Logon Information


You have to specify which SAP system you use the calendar in and which calendar you use in Microsoft Outlook. You also have to enter logon data so that the SAP calendar can be accessed during synchronization. Furthermore, you can make a setting so that non-working days in your enterprise are highlighted in the Outlook calendar.


Choose Extras ® Options and on the tab page SAP calendar, choose Settings.

The logon data within the context of SAP system is automatically entered if you choose the pushbutton SAP Logon on the tab page Logon information and log on to the required SAP system.

In the input field Calendar, you can use value help to display the calendar files that you created in Microsoft Outlook.

You can only use calendars from a personal folder area. Furthermore, only the calendars that are located on the first level under these areas can be used.

You can also copy non-working days from the SAP system.