Resolving Conflicts


You can maintain the calendar in the SAP system or in Microsoft Outlook. The calendars are compared with one another during synchronization and are both updated. Conflicts arise if an appointment has been changed in the SAP calendar and in Microsoft Outlook since the last synchronization took place. You can specify how these conflicts are to be resolved. You can also specify whether, and in which cases, you want to receive a query before an appointment is synchronized.


Choose Extras ® Options and on the tab page SAP calendar, choose Settings.

On the tab page Conflict resolution, set:

When you want to receive a query:



·         when deleting

·         when changing

·         when creating a new appointment

If you activate a query, the user receives a list during synchronization, of all appointments that have been processed using one of the selected functions since the last synchronization. The user then confirms the appointments that are to be synchronized.

How appointments are to be synchronized in cases of conflict:


Copy most recent appointment

The most recently changed appointment overwrites the appointment in the other calendar.

SAP calendar has priority

Appointments from the SAP calendar overwrite the appointments in Microsoft Outlook.

Synchronization calendar has priority

Appointments from Microsoft Outlook overwrite appointments in the SAP calendar.