Setting the Time of Synchronization


You can set a default for when an automatic synchronization between the Outlook calendar and the SAP calendar should take place:

·        When Outlook is started

·        When Outlook is shut down

·        When appointments are created or changed in Outlook

You can select one or more of these options. Bear in mind however, that the synchronization process affects performance. You can also specify whether you want to start synchronization manually directly from the Outlook menu.


To change the settings for the synchronization period, choose Extras ® Options. On the tab page SAP Calendar, specify when an automatic synchronization is to take place and choose Apply. You can call up more functions using pushbuttons:



This function is used to start a synchronization.


This function is used to change the settings for synchronization.

If the dialog box for the synchronization settings does not appear, although you have called the settings using the pushbutton, it could be covered by other windows (for example, the Outlook main window). Check first before calling the function again.


You call a dialog box containing the version number of the current Outlook-SAP calendar integration.