Installing Outlook Calendar Integration


The Outlook calendar integration installation program contains all the programs you need for the connection between the SAP calendar and the Outlook calendar. You will find this program on the SAP presentation CD.


Operating system Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0.

SAP system version 4.5B or higher.

Microsoft Outlook 98

If you use the minimum installation of Microsoft Outlook, it is possible that the program component Expression Service, which is required for calendar integration, will be missing. If this is the case, you will receive an error message. In order to install the missing program component, call the Microsoft Outlook installation program again and select only the Expression Service to be installed.

If a version of Outlook calendar integration is already installed on your PC, deinstall this before installing the new version. You must also deinstall the client extension from the Microsoft Outlook Add In Manager. To do this, choose Extras ® Options in the Outlook menu, then Further options on the tab page Others, then Add In Manager. Deselect SAP calendar and confirm all three dialog boxes with OK.

You can also use calendar integration with R/3 Release 4.0B, but to do so you need to make some adjustments. Before installing, read note 0103529 and related notes in SAPNet.


Call the installation program Setup.exe.

A wizard guides you through the installation process.

When you reach the installation options, choose Desktop interfaces and choose Change option to confirm. Select the component Calendar synchronization for MS Outlook and confirm.


The installation program installs the required files. The client extension is also copied to the Add-In directory in Microsoft Outlook (for example, C:\Programs\Microsoft Office\Office\Addins). If errors occur during installation, read note 178760 in SAPNet.

Before you can use calendar integration, you have to set calendar integration.